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Positive Peace in Schools - a practical way of building peace in schools


  • Positive Peace in Schools - a practical way of building peace in schools

    Restorative practice in schools is one of the pillars of educational and constructive peace-making and peace-building in schools. Alongside peer mediation and peace-making circles, restorative practice is given a fundamental place in building a positively peaceful school culture in the book Positive Peace in Schools, published by Routledge in April 2017.

    I have co-authored this book with my PhD supervisor, Dr Hilary Cremin, and we have had generous reviews from Marg Thorsborne and Kathy Bickmore. We hope that restorative practititioners working in and with schools will find the book provocative, challenging and reassuring. The book seeks to make peace realisable.

    We welcome your comments.
    Positive Peace in Schools offers a fresh and challenging perspective on the question of conflict, violence and peace in schools. Drawing on the most up-to-date theory and research from the field of peace and conflict studies, this book provides readers…
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